We use acting, singing, dancing, and storytelling to build life skills.

Asante provides creative arts training, transformative performances, effective leadership development, and inspiring opportunities to unlock your potential and connect with a global community of artists and arts professionals so you can successfully move to the next level of your career.

About asante arts institute

After 30 years of being the Asante Children’s Theatre, the expansion of the organization is better reflected as the Asante Art Institute of Indianapolis (AAI). AAI, as the administrative umbrella organization, is where 1) the Asante Children’s Theatre (ACT) continues to flourish and 2) the Asante Artrepreneur Incubator and the Asante Community Connection function.

Our vision is to become the premier African American arts and cultural organization replicating our model of transformation and citizenship development and dedicated to the holistic growth of youth and families through artistic experiences.

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About Asante community connections

Convening power is important when it comes to advocacy, empowerment, and inspiring change in the community. For centuries, The Village has been the motif of Black culture and speaks to the ways in which people connect. Asante considers itself a village and because of this we, too, are committed to listen, partner, teach, build, partner to create an atmosphere of affirmation and care. Community Connections is committed to being a hub for conversation across lines that would otherwise divide.

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About Asante Children’s Theatre

Since September 1990, ACT has been committed to providing a creative and nurturing environment where acting, singing, dance and storytelling are used as conduits for self-discovery, personal growth, and self-expression.

Through our two youth programs, Prep4Life and Prep UPPER CLASS, we render culturally relevant training, so youth improve character on an off stage by building confidence, respect, responsibility, honesty, and self- control.

Since 2006, the Prep4Life program has been our intro to the world of performance art. It is an ideal experience for young people 6 to 12 years old.

Since 2022, Prep UPPER CLASS is a new twist on what we offered in our Academy program. Because of COVID we realized there was a need for young people 13 to 18 years old to have a safe space to express themselves about issues that concerned them. Prep UPPER CLASS incorporates the tenets of storytelling, acting and content creation in a practical & hands-on setting.

About Asante Artrepreneurial Incubator

The Asante Entrepreneurial Incubator is a new initiative with a mission to expose, inspire and equip the now and next generation of artistic and administrative leaders with the tools necessary to transform the world. In this arena, we will strive to build character, business acumen, academic resolve, and creative experimentation into each of our students. Targeting young people ages 15-18, as well as a cohort of young adult student teachers, the Asante Entrepreneurial Incubator is a community within a community where we intentionally will use the arts as a vehicle for social change, community empowerment and economic growth. 

Launch Date: Spring 2021

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