Prep Upper Class

Prep Upper Class

The theme for the Fall Session of Prep UPPER CLASS will be Kulture Club T.A.P.E.S. “Improv Edition.”
T.A.P.E.S (Talking about Problems Exploring Solutions) is a strategy that creates a safe space for students & adults to engage in thoughtful, transformative discussions
about issues important to them.
Prep UPPER CLASS incorporates the tenets of storytelling, acting and content creation in a practical & hands-on setting. There is a focus on writing, creating and curatingcontent for various social media platforms with the goal of addressing social-justice issues from the view of the teens, while engaging the audience, building relationships, and creating a platform of their own.
We are looking for young people to join us on an exclusive journey where they
ultimately discover the power of their voice and their words.
Workshops are modified specifically to meet the needs of the students and are powered by their feedback. Through nurturing, skill development, and confidence building, we expect to promote a student’s ability to cope with trauma through confident self- expression and creative problem-solving!

Program Dates: 9/23/23 – 12/2/23 
Program Days: Saturdays: 12PM – 3PM
Location: Moorhead Community Resource Center 8400 E 10 th St. 46219
Activity Fee: FREE


Prep UPPER CLASS is a program of the Asante Children’s Theatre which is a branch of
the Asante Art Institute of Indianapolis, Inc. It is made possible through the generous
support received from the Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, City of Indianapolis,
Department of Child Services, Indy Arts Council, Indiana Arts Commission, Lumina
Foundation and Moorhead Community Resource Center.